Online measurements for caliper control

Valmet IQ Caliper Measurements

Caliper, the thickness of a paper or board sheet, can have a dramatic impact on overall production performance, as well as directly impacts reel shape and hardness. Eliminate production issues and improve winding and printing with Valmet IQ Measurements for caliper.

Precisely control MD and CD properties with accurate, online caliper measurements

Improve machine runnability with stable caliper

Confidently measure caliper over a wide range of grades and machines

Measuring caliper without affecting the production processes requires a delicate touch. The Valmet IQ Web Caliper Measurement, with its ultralow pressure sensor design, provides precise measurements for Valmet’s CD caliper profile controls on paper sheets and MD caliper controls on boards.

For high-resolution CD caliper controls, the Valmet IQ Optical Caliper Measurement delivers precision through advanced no-contact optical sensor technology.