Online measurements for basis weight control

Valmet IQ Basis Weight Measurements

Valmet IQ Measurements for basis weight provide online information covering a wide range of basis weight properties.

Optimize fiber use and deliver best quality with lowest fiber content

Effectively control MD and CD properties with high-resolution, online measurements

Built-in intelligence for self-monitoring, standardization and variable compensation

Precise measurements for best grammage

Using highly refined and well-established nuclear sensors, as well as a multi-wavelength infrared sensor technology, Valmet IQ Measurements for basis weight suite all paper and board weights.

The Valmet IQ Basis Weight Measurement provides accurate, high-resolution CD profiles and features advanced digital processing. Smart internal calibration with temperature compensation ensures reliable measurements even in harsh environments.

For MD and CD basis weight controls in heavy board or pulp machines, we offer the Valmet IQ Pulp Weight Measurement.

As a nonnuclear, alternative, the Valmet IQ IR Fiber Weight Measurement can simultaneously measures fiber weight and moisture. Multi-wavelength detection with high sample rates delivers excellent online data capturing dry fiber weight, percent moisture, as well as sheet temperature.