Valmet IQ IR Fiber Measurement - reducing industry's environmental footprint

Fiber weight and moisture measurement with infrared technology.

Simultaneously measuring fiber weight and moisture, Valmet IQ Fiber has replaced the traditional nuclear basis weight sensors. Over 250 machines using virgin pulp to 100% recycled furnish committed to a single sensor for weight and moisture measurement and control, the need for nuclear safety training and licenses as well as the specialized service and safety requirements have been eliminated.

  • A single non-nuclear sensor for both weight and moisture
  • Ultra-fast infrared measurement measures fiber weight
  • No radiation safety licenses or procedures
  • Savings in fire protection procedures and training
  • Also OD measurement is available at 1 kHz speed and 5 mm spot size which no nuclear sensor can match

Up to 75% lower total cost of ownership

Valmet IQ Fiber vs. nuclear sensor; Investment cost comparison Comparison of initial investment cost between the traditional nuclear sensor and Valmet IQ Fiber



Comparison of operational costs (5 years) between the traditional nuclear sensor and Valmet IQ Fiber Valmet IQ Fiber vs. nuclear sensor; Operational cost comparison


Unaffected by sheet color, IQ Fiber works well with different colored tissue grades

 Valmet IQ Fiber vs. laboratory - Unaffected by color

Colored tissue says goodbye to nuclear basis weight, Metsä Tissue Žilina

With good results following a recent quality control system (QCS) upgrade on tissue machine 1 at Metsä Tissue’s Žilina mill in Slovakia, a second IQ Fiber measurement has now been installed on tissue machine 2 producing colored tissue.