Infrared fiber and moisture sensor for IQ Scanners

Valmet IQ IR Fiber Measurement

Simultaneously measuring fiber weight and moisture with infrared technology, the Valmet IQ IR Fiber Measurement (IQ IR Fiber) is an effective and efficient alternative to traditional nuclear basis weight sensors.

Lower costs with a single sensor for dry weight, moisture and temperature measurements

Stay on target with ultra-fast dry fiber weight and moisture measurements

Precisely measure streaks with 5 mm spot size and profile resolution after the very first scan

Three-in-one sensor for precise MD and CD control

The Valmet IQ IR Fiber provides a solid foundation for MD and CD controls. High-efficiency optics and multi-wavelength infrared detection with high sample rates deliver accurate dry fiber weight, percent moisture, as well as sheet temperature readings.

In grades without fillers or a small, constant amounts, infrared measurement of dry fiber weight can be correlated to oven dry weight. By using infrared technology for fiber weight, you can avoid the costs of specialized safety and training required for nuclear sensors.

Infrared signals are also unaffected by sheet color, IQ IR Fiber works well with colored grades. IQ IR Fiber is factory pre-calibrated for applications ranging from tissue to uncoated printing papers. IQ IR Fiber also serves as an excellent tool for high-speed online wet end and machine condition analyses.

Advanced infrared technology with built-in diagnostics

With a single Valmet IQ IR Fiber sensor, you can easily measure oven dry weight, moisture and temperature simultaneously in a paper sheet. The sensor splits and focuses the infrared energy into a high-intensity beam in the sensor head. As the IR light passes through the sheet, it is preferentially absorbed at certain wavelengths by fiber, water and other sheet components.

In the detector head, the light scattered by the web is collected by detection optics. The backscatter is then mixed and detected by a temperature-controlled infrared InGaAs quad-detector – one channel detecting fiber, one water and two baseline.

IQ IR Fiber features advanced self-monitoring capabilities, including internal temperature, humidity, power consumption and standardization measurement. The built-in standardization compensates for the effect of dirt buildup on the windows, and embedded XYZ-measurements are available for scanner diagnostics.