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Valmet IQ Multipoint Moisture Measurement

Valmet IQ Multipoint Moisture Measurement (IQ Multipoint) is a new, innovative way to measure moisture content throughout paper-making and converting processes.

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Advanced moisture monitoring in any location

The Valmet IQ Multipoint is an advanced measurement solution utilizing infrared (IR) light to measure moisture in up to nine locations simultaneously. Multi-wavelength signal detection with sophisticated high-efficiency optics provides accurate moisture readings in an extremely wide range of installation positions.

Designed to be an independent online moisture measurement solution, the Valmet IQ Multipoint consists of measurement probes connected to a field box with optical cables. Two different types of probes are available to fit even the tightest machine locations in the harshest environments.

The Valmet IQ Multipoint processes the measurement data itself and can be monitored via a standalone computer connected to the field box. In addition, the IQ Multipoint can be connected to automation systems using the Valmet ACN MR controller.

Flexible multipoint measurements in any process

Because IR light is absorbed at different wavelengths by water, fiber and other components, the Valmet IQ Multipoint delivers accurate measurements regardless of sheet composition or environmental effects. The measurement wavelengths, calculation algorithms, optical construction and measurement speed are optimized for fiber based webs over a wide moisture range.

The Valmet IQ Multipoint instantly responds to varying moisture levels throughout the process, opening up new possibilities for better process control the process.

Measurement applications include:

  • Corrugated board lines at corrugator unwinder, single facer, triplex preheater, glue machine or after double backer

  • Paper converting, such as in the self-adhesive laminating and printing machine lines

  • Paper and board machines as standalone fixed-point measurements between press section and reel


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