Valmet DNA Combustion Manager for advanced combustion optimization​

Valmet DNA Combustion Manager for advanced combustion optimization

Valmet DNA Combustion Manager is an Industrial Internet based advanced on-line control application for optimized combustion for BFB, CFB and w-to-e boilers. The application manages the combustion process against variations in production, fuel amount, fuel quality and combustion circumstances.

DNA Combustion Manager is a multivariable fuzzy controller regulating simultaneously fluidized bed temperature, flue gas oxygen content and  NOx/CO balance and controlling combustion air distribution by calculating either setpoints or corrections for the following combustion air distribution ratio controllers using fuzzy logic:

  • Fluidization gas flow
  • Recirculation and fluidization gas ratio
  • Secondary and tertiary air flow ratio
  • Fuel and air symmetry

Several environmental, operational and financial benefits

  • Stabilized combustion process
  • Wider operation range of boiler and better flexibility
  • Minimized emissions (NOx & CO) and usage of flue gas chemicals
  • Fuel quality changed controlled by Fuel Power Compensator
  • Minimized flue gas oxygen content
  • Maximize usage of cheap fuels
  • Typical payback time is less than 1 year!


For more information, please contact:

Matts Almark