Valmet launches the Beyond Circularity project to boost green transition

Mar 9, 2022

Valmet will launch a new R&D and innovation program called Beyond Circularity, which improves Valmet’s readiness to support the green transition in Valmet’s customer industries based on the company’s technology vision 2030. The program aims at further strengthening Valmet’s R&D work in order to develop process technologies, automation and services for utilizing renewable materials and recycled, waste and side streams. The program also allows Valmet to further improve the energy efficiency of its process technologies and enable a shift towards the use of fossil-free energy in its pulp and paper industry customers’ production processes.

Ecosystem with partners, universities, research institutes and customers

To support Valmet in achieving these ambitious program aims, Valmet will start building an ecosystem that is aimed at attracting partners, universities, research institutes and customers to participate in making the green transition a reality within the pulp and paper industry. This ecosystem is expected to have more than 100 partners in Finland in 2025. Valmet plans to invest EUR 40 million into the project during the upcoming four-year period to execute on its technology vision and climate program and generate growth. The program is partly funded by Business Finland and is part of the "Veturi" initiative, where international companies are invited to solve some of society's most pressing challenges, through increased research, development and innovation investments in Finland.

“We are excited to launch Beyond Circularity. A new green transition ecosystem is to be built as part of this program, which is expected to create value and growth for the participants, expand competences to new areas and encourage best national and international partners in the field to join. The core of the ecosystem is Valmet’s unique triangle approach of technology, automation and services enriched by the interdisciplinary knowhow of the partners. By building and developing this exceptional combination, circular economy, autonomous mills and industrial services are taken forward by globally leading specialists in their fields,“ says Valmet’s Vice President of Research and Development Janne Pynnönen.