Valmet DNA Fuel Power Compensator - automatic adjustment for fuel quality instabilities

Valmet DNA Fuel Power Compensator compensates the disturbances due to fuel quality and amount variations by regulating fuel feeding respectively. It is based on estimation of fuel power, that is, fuel energy input to the boiler. DNA Fuel Power Compensator simply calculates the fuel power on-line and compensates it by regulating the fuel flow accordingly.


  • Adjusts the solid fuel feed to the boiler to satisfy the actual energy demand given by the boiler master controller which typically is a steam pressure controller. As a result, the fuel feeding disturbances are compensated before they can be seen in the steam pressure.
  • Is especially applicable for combustion using multiple fuels with different fuel-specific heat values. Also a combustion process having changing solid fuel mixtures or having a single fuel with varying dryness would benefit from DNA Fuel Power Compensator.
  • Has been designed for bubbling and circulating fluidized bed boilers.


  • Stabilizes the actual fuel input accurately resulting in also improved combustion air controls. Therefore, flue gas oxygen level can be reduced and fuel to air ratio can be optimized.


For more information, please contact:

Matts Almark