Decreasing water consumption towards 2030 targets

Mar 22, 2019

Valmet is committed to improving the environmental performance of its operations and plans to decrease water consumption by 20 percent to 2030. The target is connected to our everyday actions all over the world.

Decreasing water consumption towards 2030 targets

Decreasing water consumption is an important part of Valmet's Sustainability360º agenda. Valmet actively trains its personnel, invests in water efficiency actions, supports local community projects and enhances supply chain management to reduce water consumption and improve water discharge. Valmet plans to decrease its water consumption 20 percent to 2030

Efficient water management also plays a key role in all the industries that Valmet serves. Valmet’s comprehensive water management solutions include process optimization, process evaluation and feasibility studies, and water concepts for lowering fresh water consumption in production. Read more about Water management for board and paper machines and Wastewater treatment automation.

Below you can read examples on our water saving actions around the globe during 2018: 


In our Montreal Workshop we installed a closed loop machine cooling system and reduced the total water local consumption by 60 percent. 


In our Araucária Workshop our waste water treatment plant enables us to reuse 25 percent of our wastewater. Water efficiency faucets were also installed during 2018.

United States of America and Canada

In our Appleton and Toronto offices we installed new motion sensor water faucets in the restrooms.


In our Tampere office we installed a new dishwasher in the restaurant with a water recirculation system, significantly reducing water consumption. 

Georgia and Kyrgyzstan

Valmet's Tissue Mills Business Unit teamed up with the non-profit organization Toilets Without Borders. The initial contribution was used for the construction of toilets in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan.


Sustainability is at the core of Valmet's business strategy and operations. Valmet’s values, Code of Conduct and related policies as well as selected globally acknowledged initiatives and principles create the foundation for sustainable performance. The Valmet's 'Sustainability360º agenda takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability by focusing on sustainable supply chain, health, safety and environment, people and performance, sustainable solutions and corporate citizenship.