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Valmet's automation solutions for energy production

Within the global energy industry, the Valmet brand is well known for its reliable automation and information systems, Industrial Internet applications as well as advanced control solutions.

To date, we have delivered more than 4,500 automation systems worldwide. For a greenfield plant or an existing plant where the automation needs upgrading, our professionals are within close reach to you and are able to help with all automation-related matters.

Our vast experience in automation and information management systems covers a wide array of intelligent solutions for different power plant types. These include conventional fossil-fuel-fired power stations, biomass- and multifuel-fired cogeneration plants, as well as waste-to-energy, combined-cycle, gas turbine, and hydroelectric power plants.

Valmet’s solutions for advanced power plant automation are based on the Valmet DNA automation and information platform. Valmet DNA is a highly integrated automation system for complete power plant control and monitoring.

In addition to providing a modern distributed control system (DCS), Valmet DNA offers integrated turbine control and protection for the gas turbines and steam turbines, machine condition monitoring and protection, electrical power distribution control, performance monitoring and reporting, advanced process controls, production optimization solutions for smooth energy production.