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Automation solutions for energy production

Within Energy industry, the Valmet brand stands for reliable automation and information systems as well as advanced control solutions.

So far, we have delivered more than 4,500 automation systems worldwide. Whether it is a greenfield plant or an existing plant where the automation has to be updated, our professionals are able to help you with all automation related questions. Good project management starts with thorough planning.

Valmet DNA automation system is a highly integrated automation system for power plant control and monitoring. In addition to offering a modern DCS system it has integrated turbine control and protection, machine condition monitoring and protection, electrical power distribution, and performance monitoring and reporting.

First step to the future with Valmet DNA Dashboards

At Valmet, we are working towards the future. As a first step, we are launching Valmet DNA DashboardsAlarm management dashboard is available for all industries.  For the energy industry, Valmet provides dashboard for the monitoring of energy production and availability as well as emission and production efficiency. Read more about Valmet DNA Plant Production Energy Dashboard>>