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Automated quality control for recycled fiber raw material

Recovered paper is a valuable raw material, not waste. With Valmet Bale Tester you get an objective view of your raw material quality. It measures the moisture and other features of the raw material in real-time.

Available models:

  • On truck bale tester
  • On truck rotating bale tester
  • On belt bale tester

Valmet Bale Tester is equipment with a measuring device that has a drill that penetrates to the bale on a truck, making a hole in it and extracting the sample from the bale. The measured bale and the drill location are selected randomly. Measuring is based on near-infrared sensor (NIR) technology. It is a reliable and real-time measuring system and provides information for mill operations resulting in production cost savings and the capability to improve the recycled fiber line itself.

A reliable, real-time measuring system

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