Valmet’s cleaning solutions for OCC processes include high and low consistency forward and reverse cleaners. Our cleaners protect the subsequent process equipment like screens, deflakers and refiners from impurities by efficiently separating coarse particles and increase the lifetime of process equipment.

Low consistency hydrocyclones

Low consistency cleaning involves removal of fine debris such as sand, ink, specks of bark, wax or bits of Styrofoam.

Medium consistency hydrocyclones

Typical medium consistency cleaning applications involve sand removal at approximately 2% consistency.

High consistency hydrocyclones

Valmet offers high consistency cleaning solutions that meet requirements for various pulps with applications for both single-stage and two-stage systems.

Combination Hydrocyclones

Forward combination hydrocyclones are utilized to efficiently remove both heavy and certain light weight contaminates in one cleaner body. Valmet is the technology leader in combination hydrocyclones, offering high-performance solutions for any hydrocyclone system application.

Cleaner plant optimization

Valmet aftermarket hydrocyclone teams and field service experts work close to you to solve problems and optimize your hydrocyclone systems. These teams also maintain a vast inventory of replacement, spare and non-OEM hydrocyclone parts to help you minimize downtime and keep your hydrocyclones performing at peak efficiency.