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Valmet Destacker

This high-capacity, 100% electric powered solution, available in stationary or movable versions, delivers destacking rates of up to 285 bales/h.

In a semi-automatic or automatic pulp receiving line, bale units are automatically destacked down to single bales by the Destacker after manual unit dewiring.

The machine can handle any bale quality and bale unit size. Different bale unit sizes can be pre-programmed into the Destacker and are then automatically identified and processed when fed into the machine. This high-capacity solution offers smooth, efficient operation at rates of up to 285 bales/h.

No pneumatics or hydraulics

The machine is powered by a 100% electric system, eliminating the need for pneumatic connections or an external hydraulic power unit. This factor keeps both initial investment costs and life cycle costs at low levels.

Stationary or movable versions

The Destacker is available in two versions to suit your specific needs – stationary (DSA-F) or movable (DSA-M). The movable variant, which runs on rails, is used in automatic recipe handling applications.

Easy to install, operate and service

Automatic destacking of bale units can be planned into a new line or easily retrofitted into an existing pulp receiving line. The machine is delivered as a ready-to-use unit designed for fast installation and start up. Efficient everyday operation is ensured by the superior control system, featuring PLC control equipment, that is operated and monitored via a touch-screen with an easy-to-use graphic interface. Valmet Destacker is service-friendly – every service point can be reached from floor level and key mechanisms are located under easily removable covers.

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