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Pulper feed conveyors

Conveyors for transporting single bales of broke paper to a pulper.

Inclined slat conveyor for transporting single bales or broke paper to a pulper

The slat conveyor (PFCS) primary use is for transporting both bales and broke paper to a pulper with minimal paper waste. The slats are mounted on chains, forming a base to prevent the broke paper from falling through. This conveyor can also transport single bales weighing up to 333 kg to a pulper.


Inclined chain conveyor for transporting single bales to a pulper

The pulper feed conveyor (PFCC) is a cost-efficient solution for transporting single bales to a pulper. The chain conveyor operates at an incline of 17° and its spike roller chains are configured as 2 or 3 strands, depending on the load and the bale quality.


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