Wire Winder


Efficient compaction of wire from bales and bale units

Valmet Wire Winder, a safe and easy-to-use compacting machine for wire from pulp bales and bale units, ensures smooth handling of wire collected at manual dewiring stations.

Optimum compaction method

Valmet Wire Winder offers the safest and most efficient solution for handling wire cut at manual dewiring stations on pulp receiving lines. The cut wire is manually loaded into the machine’s feed chute. A coiling screw – equipped with spikes to grip the loose wires – rotates to create a wire coil. A wire carrier pushes the wires against the coiling screw to ensure a highly compact coil. When the coil is finished, the main hatch is opened and the coil is ejected during reverse rotation of the coiling screw. The machine produces wire coils with a maximum width of 500 mm and maximum weight of 150 kg. The finished coil can easily be picked up by a fork-lift truck for onward transport.

Ready-to-use solution

Valmet Wire Winder is delivered as a ready-to-use unit, complete with saftey grip, drive unit and pneumatic system.

Alternative application

As well as in manual dewiring applications, the Wire winder can also be used to compact steel wires from a tying machine test station.

Safety grip switch

The coiling screw is operated by a safety grip switch, an enabling device that is linked to the machine’s internal monitoring system. This safety feature ensures maximum protection for the operator.

Key benefits

  • Safe, efficient wire compaction
  • Ready-to-use solution
  • Alternative application
  • Safety grip switch