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Shoe press belts

Shoe press belts

Valmet Black Belt is a uniqShoe press belt Black Beltue shoe press belt made of high performance elastomer material reinforced with dimensionally stable synthetic yarns.

The belt is available in different reinforcing structures and surface options to fulfill the demands of every shoe press. Valmet Black Belt is wear, chemical and heat resistant which ensures long and trouble free running.

Valmet Black Belt H

  • Valmet Black Belt H (high performance) is the newest member of Valmet’s belt family. With the H design you reach longer lifetime and constant dewatering. The belt features:
    • High durability
    • Better dewatering with decreased water absorption and less decrease in void volume
    • Minimized crack development
    • Partly transparent elastomer for exact control of the casting process and quality


Valmet Black Belt structures

Belt with double layer construction

  • Sleeve for board machines, pulp dryers and paper machines with speeds below 1,000 m/min
  • Available with smooth surface

Belt with triple layer (3G) construction

  • Sleeve for fast paper and board machines, where stable run without wobbling is important
  • Available with three surface options (grooved, semi-grooved, discontinuous grooved)

Valmet Black Belt surface options


  • Plain belt for shoe presses with no nip dewatering.

Discontinuous grooves (DG)

  • Discontinues Grooves prevent water to flow backwards in the nip.

Semi grooved (SG)

  • Semi-grooved belt for high water contents to add the void volume of the press felt. The water is absorbed out of the grooves by the felt. Target grades pulp and fluting.


  • Grooved belt for fast paper machines

High density grooved (HD)

  • High density grooves for marking prone positions.


The shoe press belt family is growing

The shoe press belt family is growing

Valmet has been producing shoe press belts for the global market since the mid-1990s. Today, Valmet Black Belts are known for their excellent material mix, long lifetime and good dewatering capability. To meet the demands of today’s paper production, Valmet has recently developed yet another belt type: Valmet Black Belt H.

Proven by tests: Valmet Black Belt has highest impact strength

Proven by tests: Valmet Black Belt has highest impact strength

The most important property of a shoe press belt, used in paper and board machines, is its toughness, in all probability. Tough material survives in even the hardest and fastest impact situations. In tests made at Tampere University of Technology, Valmet Black Belt showed the best impact resistance compared to other belt designs.

New Valmet Black Belt E shoe press belt

New Valmet Black Belt E shoe press belt

Valmet Black Belt E provides paper and board makers with lower shoe press belt costs per produced tonne thanks to its excellent dimensional stability, wear resistance and long running time.

Valmet’s 1,000th Black Belt: success at Palm

Valmet’s 1,000th Black Belt: success at Palm

There are two good reasons to celebrate the Valmet Black Belt that ran on Papierfabrik Palm’s PM 6 from July 2013 to January 2014: First, it was the 1,000th delivery of this unique shoe press belt, and second, it ran for almost 200 days. Congratulations!