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OptiSizer Spray - spray sizing for best controllability

Surface sizing with spray application is a unique size application method. The size is sprayed directly to the web through a row of spraying nozzles. The size of the spraying nozzles is chosen according to the customer’s operating parameters.

Spray application enables the size amount to be controlled accurately by adjusting feeding pressure. The method also responds fast to changes in solid content due to low volume system.

Spray application method has numerous advantages for fluting and testliner makers. The method provides:

Good runnability with robust process

  • No roll cover or metering rod wear
    • Contactless application
  • Starch application not impacted by roll cover or metering rod wear
  • Easy to adjust process
    • Accurate control by adjusting feeding pressure
    • Fast response to changes in solid content due to low volume system
  • No runnability problems due to dirt and sand on the web

Easier usability and maintenance

  • No wearing parts (roll cover or metering rod)
  • Easy threading and start of sizing compared to pond application
  • Easy maintenance operations

Better strength properties

  • High starch amounts and higher starch solids
  • Accurately controlled size amount

Lower life-cycle cost

  • Higher solids → Lower energy consumption
  • Lower maintenance cost compared to film application

Spray is applied on roll where it is transferred onto the web