Moving forward in Chinese containerboard market

Jun 6, 2015

Zhejiang Jingxing Paper is moving forward in Chinese containerboard market with Valmet OptiConcept M paper machine technology. The new production line PM 16 started up at the Pinghu site in Zhejiang Province in China on October 2014.

Tough demands for producing lightweight grades

"We wanted to invest in a papermaking line that produces lightweight papers at high speed and especially with very good stability. Not many suppliers were able to fulfill both of these requirements, but Valmet was able to provide us with a paper machine featuring good runnability, stability and controllability. Valmet is also able to deliver low operating costs even at speeds of 1,000 m/min,” says Liao Changlv, Project Manager of Zhejiang Jingxing Paper.

"The new PM 16 OptiConcept M production line brings us improved production due to its high speed, improved efficiency and superior production capacity,” summarizes Chen Ke, Mill Manager of Zhejiang Jingxing Paper.


Clear advantages in exploiting novel technology

To remain competitive and stay on the top in lightweight paper production requires novel solutions and technologies. “I’m especially impressed by two technological highlights of the machine. One is the fabric insertion unit. With this solution no cantilevering beams are needed and the whole wet end is more compact. The drive side is more accessible and fabric changing is easier. The other is the Valmet Vacuum Box Curved, a high-vacuum suction box that replaces the suction roll in the forming section and offers great energy saving potential,” says Liao Changlv.

PM 16 also features novel technology in the sizing section based on spray application. “The OptiSizer Spray has special benefits for the production of corrugated papers. Up to several million RMB of material expenses can easily be saved,” summarizes Chen Ke.


”The start up was very smooth and stable and on top of everything, one month ahead of schedule. Sellable paper was produced right after start-up.“


Chen Ke 
Mill Manager of Zhejiang Jingxing Paper


”We require a partner, who has top level R&D capabilities and who can offer us novel technologies to support changing market demands. It’s great to utilize advanced technology to improve energy efficiency, for example. “

Liao Changlv
Project Manager of Zhejiang Jingxing Paper


“Our Pinghu site is located very close to Valmet Wuxi Service Center. For this reason we are also confident of having highly efficient and convenient service from Valmet in the future.”
Xu Quanzhong
Mechanical Manager of Zhejiang Jingxing Paper


Quick project completion - out of the ordinary

PM 16 was an exceptionally quick project. It took only 17 months from the day the contract was signed to the start-up, and only 5 months and 13 days from the start of installation to machine start-up. Sellable paper was produced right after start-up. "The overall market feedback on our lightweight fluting paper has been very positive. We feel that this OptiConcept M line is more economical and more practical to operate than other production lines.”, describes Chen Ke.