Valmet IQ Slice Profiler

Valmet IQ Slice Profiler is a headbox slice positioning system which controls the headbox slice to achieve the best weight profile a headbox can produce.


The IQ Slice Profiler is a network of intelligent actuators working together through a bus. Advanced micro adjusters drive the rods attached to the slice lip, and a position sensor measures the current position of the rod. The possible deviation between the setpoint and the corresponding measuring value is corrected with a closed-loop controller that uses a stepping motor. The actuator setpoints can be defined either from the Valmet IQ CD Controls or similar basis weight control, or remotely using manual setpoints defined at the control room monitor.


  • Increased Printing/Packaging machine performance due to flatter CD basis weight profiles

  • Raw material saving due to possibility run with lower grammages

  • Faster grade changes and disturbance recovery improves efficiency

  • Increased machine runnability due to better edge profile control