Efficient emission management with an informative display

All relevant emission information available real-time

Power plants can no longer afford to operate without taking immediate actions to abnormal situations in all areas of the process. To get most from the information calculated by the Valmet DNA Emission Monitoring Applications, relevant data is presented in the control room environment. This effectively supports emission management and helps reach the best possible plant performance and higher availability.

Real-time and proactive emissions management with reliable emission data

Quick reaction in disturbance situations

Higher availability of the measurement and cleaning equipment

Insights for efficient operation and maintenance

Valmet DNA Emission Monitoring and Reporting Applications enable real-time monitoring of the plant’s emissions. The solutions react when emissions are exceeded or to any other abnormal process situations. All relevant emission information is available from one display in the Valmet DNA Automation System.

In addition, the applications provide clearly visualized emission predictions. This helps plant operators and site management adjust the plant operation procedures based on process conditions.

Cumulative counters showing the disturbance periods of flue gas cleaning equipment help in operation and maintenance planning. Alarms resulting from equipment malfunctions enable a fast response to unexpected situations.


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