A cost-efficient solution for CO2 emission reporting

Valmet DNA CO2 Monitoring

Valmet DNA CO2 Monitoring is an advanced solution for carbon dioxide (CO2) reporting according to the EU Emission Trading Directive (2003/87/EC). It is based on the Valmet DNA information management system and requires the Valmet DNA Fuel Data Manager application to handle the fuel data information. By automatically generating all the necessary information for both the plant’s own needs and authorities, the solution considerably reduces efforts in plant reporting routines.

Time savings in effective reporting for the authorities and the plant’s own needs

Improved data reliability and comparability

Detailed application description for emission reporting verification

Further handling of emission data, including shareholder-specific reporting

Reporting CO2 emissions for fossil and biofuels

Valmet DNA CO2 Monitoring offers a cost-efficient solution as an extension to the Valmet DNA Fuel Data Manager application. The application is used to report greenhouse gas emissions to emission trading systems. In addition to reporting fossil fuel emissions, the application can also be used to report the amount, energy and caloric values of biofuel emissions.

The solution can be applied to different types of energy production units, such as boilers or other equipment. Monthly reports are then generated to show the results of each specific unit. The emission amounts can be allocated based on different criteria, such as the fuel flow or other.

The information provided by this application can also be linked to other plant data systems, such as invoicing systems.

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