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From OCC to board - Mondi Ružomberok PM 19

Aug 9, 2023

The Mondi Ružomberok mill is the biggest integrated pulp and paper mill in Slovakia. Their new containerboard line PM 19, including the OCC line, was successfully started-up in 2021.

Containerboard machine at Mondi Ruzomberok PM19

We were looking for a supplier that could deliver reliable, state-of-the-art technology. The main factor which led us to decide on Valmet was their technology and its flexibility, and how they could adapt the design of the machine for the product and quality we needed."

Peter Demčák, Operations Director, Mondi Ružomberok




Ružomberok, Slovakia


The delivery included a complete OptiRefiber recycled fiberline, as well as the whole stock preparation line. The PM 19 delivery included a complete Valmet OptiConcept M containerboard line and an OptiWin Drum two-drum winder with Dual Unwind

The automation delivery includes Valmet IQ Quality Management System with web monitoring and inspection systems, Valmet DNA Automation System for process and machine controls, Valmet Retention Measurement (Valmet RM3) and Valmet Wet End Analyzers (Valmet WEM). The delivery also includes Valmet Advanced Process Controls with strength properties optimization and Valmet Performance Center on-demand expert support for solving any process or automation related issues.

Valmet also delivered the world’s first fully virtual paper mill, Valmet Virtual Mill, to Mondi’s new production line at the Mondi mill in Ružomberok, Slovakia. Prior to the start-up of the Valmet-supplied Old Corrugated Container (OCC) line, the stock preparation and the containerboard machine, the new machinery’s virtual design twin were used to train operators and other personnel.


With the new machine, Mondi can produce a completely new product, ProVantage Smartwhite, which is an alternative to white top kraftliner that never previously been on the market. The Ružomberok team is very pleased with the machine's performance.

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Technical Data

Grades Kraft top white
Technical information The design speed of the machine is 1,500 m/min and the basis weight range is 70-175 g/m2.
Start-up 2021 January