Quality control system (QCS) for Tissue

In response to tissue makers’ specific needs, Valmet has introduced a number of innovations to bring the latest advances in quality control to the tissue machine.

Valmet IQ also introduces new quality measurements. An industry first is the on-line Valmet IQ Softness sensor for tissue. With a good correlation to the handfeel measurement as well as laboratory softness analyzer, the sensor also measures tissue surface properties on-line.

Valmet IQ Web Color is the first scanning on-line color sensor applicable also for tissue with accurate and stable full-spectrum measurements to achieve precise color control when using multiple dyes and optical brightening agents. The unique air purge design eliminates problems with dust and the sensor is immune to pass-line variation, sheet flutter, gap distance and temperature. With even very low opacity tissue, IQ Web Color has excellent correlation to offline laboratory tests, providing faster on-spec quality and reduced startup waste.

Space for a scanning platform is always limited on tissue machines where open draws are minimized. Valmet IQ Scanner minimizes the length of unsupported web, which is especially important with lighter grades. Valmet IQ Scanner features special options for tissue; tissue sensor platform and IQ Air Blast for efficient cleaning.

Equipped with a Valmet IQ Fiber sensor, a non-nuclear fiber weight measurement developed especially for tissue, accurate moisture and fiber measurements are made with high frequency across the sheet.

Valmet’s dedicated profiler offering for tissue is highlighted with the Valmet IQ Steam Profiler. The success of this profiler has been driven by the quest for better drying efficiency as energy prices continue to rise. Optionally, the steam profiler can be equipped with a special shower pipe for cleaning purposes.