Quality control systems (QCS) for board and paper

The Valmet IQ solution is always customized to suit the needs of each customer's process and business. A purpose-built solution will help you achieve the desired end-product quality with the most efficient use of materials. The Valmet IQ solution simply means the best process stability and thorough quality control of produced paper and board.

Board and paper producers face many challenges in terms of energy, quality and costs. High energy utilization per ton and over-drying to get flat moisture profiles are typical issues in many machines. Critical properties such as strength, bulk, orientation, surface properties and dimensional stability can all be influenced and controlled. Raw material cost and variation in recycled materials is also a challenge Valmet's solutions can respond to.

Valmet DNA IQ Dashboard

DNA IQ Dashboard shows a real-time overview of quality key performance indicators, trends and profiles for a paper, board or tissue machine at one glance.