Customer case:

New press section rejuvenates Greif corrugating medium machine

Sep 13, 2017

The Greif Packaging mill in Riverville, Virginia, USA decided to modernize key parts of BM 1, thereby boosting productivity, gaining ground in quality and trimming production costs. As the focal point of a BM 1 corrugating medium machine rebuild, they replaced a 1975-vintage bi-nip press section with a Valmet shoe press section. The on-time and under-budget project, which concluded in June 2015 after a 26 day shutdown, was accomplished with no accidents in over 100,000 man hours.

Prior to the rebuild, we were either drying or drive speed limited. This press section project has enabled us to increase machine speed by 20% consistently while running the 23# grade, and in the future, we expect to run 30% higher speed.
David Scott, Vice President of mill operations for Greif


Location The Greif Packaging mill in Riverville, Virginia, USA
Customer challenge Need to produce a product competitive in the market place. Press section was a bottleneck, BM1 was drying/speed limited. 

1975-vintage bi-nip press section was replaced with a Valmet OptiPress Center shoe press section. 

BM clothing co-operation with matching Valmet press felts designed to give maximum nip dewatering.


Productivity improvement

  • Machine speed increased at least 20%
  • Production records 100 t/d increase

Energy efficiency

  • Sheet dryness 17% increase (to 48%)
  • Energy savings 25% on BM1

Quality improvement

  • Higher density/lower caliper, better runnability on corrugators
  • Streght tests meet targets at higher production rates. 


Board and paper, North America, Rebuilds

Greif Riverville BM1

Grade Corrugating medium based on hardwood semi-chemical pulp and OCC furnish
Basis weight range 23 to 40 lbs (112 to 195 g/m2)
Wire width  282 inches (7 160 mm)
Design speed 3 000 fpm (914 m/min)