New possibilities with extended reality learning

The digital transformation

The world around us is changing and so are we!

Imagine being able to see the operations of your plant, mill, facilities in 3D, checking equipment, reviewing service plans, discussing with others – and getting real-time help when you have a question. With Valmet’s Extended Reality (XR) – it is now possible to embrace benefits of the latest gaming technology to run your business more successfully.

Extended reality (XR) refers to both real and virtual surrounding areas and the X letter in “extended reality” has a diverse role, combining the elements from V (virtual), A (augmented) and M (mixed).

Valmet Extended Reality is a multipurpose, multiuser platform, streamlining the design review, training, preplanning, maintenance and remote collaboration. The platform incorporates mixed reality, virtual reality and interactive augmented reality experiences via smartphones, tablets and VR/MR headsets.

Our job is to explore the learning possibilities with future tools!




Employees at all levels expect dynamic, self-directed, continuous learning opportunities from their employers.


Valmet Extended Reality -  Immerse yourself

Valmet Extended Reality is a multipurpose mixed reality platform, streamlining the design review, training, preplanning maintenance and remote collaboration processes for different industries.


Valmet XR - twinroll - Simulation.png

Valmet Twinroll press in XR environment


Increase training effectiveness

Valmet Extended Reality replaces a typical training approach, like reading manuals, with an immersive and gamified learning experience. Via avatars, it enables real-time interaction with experts for more efficient and faster support. Also, the possibility of creating real-case scenarios can be used for various training purposes, such as daily checkups or maintenance.

Danger zones, which are flashing virtual warning tapes indicating hazardous areas, are another important feature. These provide valuable safety training before stepping into a real environment and are used to warn newcomers about safety distances.

With embedded 360° instructional videos, pop-up notifications and visible danger zones, this kind of training beforehand in a realistic environment decreases learning and preparation time, improves maintenance efficiency and reduces safety risks in real-life situations.


  • Engage with others
  • Interact with data
  • Influence your environment 

Extended reality

  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Mixed reality
  • 360