Reels from Valmet are innovative winding systems that provide producers and converters of of all type of tissue paper grades a competitive edge in an industry where greater efficiency and minimum broke directly affect productivity. By letting Valmet help you in selecting the right reel for your grade, machine speed and web width, you can make full use of this potential.

Top winding with remarkably fast payback

The reel is often a bottleneck in an older tissue machine. It limits the machine speed, it may wind the paper unevenly, and it must be manned every time you change the roll. 

With the Advantage SoftReel, Valmet has raised winding technology to new dimensions. Now you have an opportunity to upgrade your machine, regardless of who originally delivered it, improving both efficiency and paper quality. 

Valmets range of tissue reels


Leading winding technology

  • Reliable operation
    Our reels are fully automated and highly reliable even at really high speeds. Web breaks are rare, and maintenance costs minimal. If a stoppage nevertheless should occur, you can quickly locate the source of the problem on a computer screen, which minimizes downtime for troubleshooting. 

  • Uniform paper quality
    On older reels, the paper is often wound too tight in some parts of the roll, which gives rise to converting problems. The technology in the Advantage SoftReel assures uniform quality throughout the roll, which substantially increases the proportion of saleable paper. Efficiency is greater too, because you can get rolls of larger diameter with less reject at roll changes. 

  • Quick startup
    When we deliver an Advantage SoftReel, it comes prepared for very quick installation. Electrical cabinets, valves, piping and cables are preassembled at our plant. With careful planning, the time from delivery to production can be as little as six days! 

  • Easy and safe
    Because the Advantage SoftReel does not normally require any manual roll handling, the risk of accidents is minimized. We have paid close attention to designing safe operating areas for the operators to work in a safe environment.

  • Leading technology
    Valmet is the world leader in tissue technology. We deliver complete machines to all the world’s major tissue makers, and our unique expertise has insured that the new reel has the best possible prospects for enhancing efficiency and improving paper quality in both existing and new machines. The Advantage SoftReel is naturally a standard part of all our Advantage DCT machine concept.