Highest safety and dust reduction standards

Advantage WetDust

The Advantage™ WetDust™ system allows a cleaner, safer and environmentally friendlier tissue production through the use of the wet concept.

Prevents dust from migrating to the tissue machine hall

Improves the safety of the working environment

Eliminates risks of fire and plugging

Reduces machine downtime

For a safe working environment

Valmet Advantage WetDust system is designed to capture dust where it is created by encapsulating it in water, to contain it near the source and to prevent it from migrating to the tissue machine hall. 

The well-established concept makes use of a fully wet system, eliminating typical issues associated with “dry systems” (fires and plugging). 

The equipment provides a healthy, safe and comfortable working environment for tissue machine operators and minimizes manual cleaning, thus reducing machine downtime. 

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Advantage WetDust Collectors 

(lower and upper) 

  • High efficiency wet vortex collectors 
  • Dust is captured near the source
  • Continuous internal washing
  • Small paper pieces are handled with no plugging
  • The risk of internal fires is eliminated  

Advantage WetDust Pulper Collector

  • Dust is drawn into the under-machine pulper
  • High efficiency wet vortex collector
  • Continuous internal washing
  • Small paper pieces are handled with no plugging
  • The risk of internal fires is eliminated
  • Pulper is kept in under pressure, improving runnability

Advantage WetDust Cap with enclosure
and Elephant Trunk 

  • Efficiency of dust removal is improved by containing dust within the dry end of the Tissue Machine
  • Small paper pieces are captured with no plugging during paper breaks
  • Washable Dust Cap roof available 
  • Easy access to dry end (transparent walls and doors)
  • In-line washing system (Venturi) to wet the dust coming from the Elephant Trunk 

Advantage WetDust system with Air Curtain

An Advantage WetDust system can be made even more effective by the application of the Air Curtain. The dusty boundary layer produced during the creping is removed using an air barrier which helps to create a separate dust containment zone in the area. The Air Curtain is directed to the underside of the moving web, near the yankee pulper chute

Air system for Advantage WetDust 

  • One droplet separator for the system 
  • Wet exhaust system    
  • Less maintenance    
  • No fire risks