Enable efficient production of various tissue grades on one machine

Hybrid tissue technology

plain, textured and structured tissue paper produced on Valmet tissue machines

Hybrid tissue technology is an innovative approach that can offer tissue producers a wider range of desired product properties such as enhanced caliper, stretch, softness, strength and water absorbency. It combines the best features of conventional and through air drying technologies. With increased capacity, and improved energy efficiency it is setting new standards in tissue paper production.

Valmet’s hybrid concepts

When looking for maximum flexibility the hybrid concepts can be your choice. With the capability to produce plain, textured and structured tissue with premium quality at low energy and fiber consumption, Valmet’s Advantage technologies meet the increasing market demands of products with high absorption, bulk and softness compared to conventional dry crepe machines and at the same time as it provides a sustainable process with low water and low energy consumption compared to through-air drying machines.

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Meeting market demands

The hybrid technology can utilize a combination of different raw materials, which may include virgin wood pulp, recycled paper, or alternative fibers such as bamboo, wheat straw, or bagasse. Because of this the hybrid tissue manufacturing offers the potential for greater environmental sustainability and product innovation. It might also appeal to consumers looking for eco-friendly or innovative alternatives to traditional tissue products, offering a balance between performance, sustainability, and versatility.

Explore the hybrid technology with pilot trials

We can provide a creative environment for developing and testing new products, improve product quality and machine performance. The hybrid technology and its final products can be explored with pilot trials.

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Produce more with less

You can reduce the amount of fiber for the same volume because increasing your roll bulk equates to fiber savings. Higher roll bulk is achieved by creating higher sheet caliper for the same or lower basis weight and as roll bulk increases the amount of fibers decreases. The product strategy optimizes product specifications and operating costs. The options for product quality can be combined whether it is reducing length or lowering the basis weight.

Questions and answers about the Valmet hybrid technology

Q: What is Valmet's hybrid tissue technology?

A: Valmet's Hybrid Tissue Technology is an innovative approach that combines the best features of conventional and through air drying technologies. It offers flexibility, increased capacity, and improved energy efficiency,

Valmet can offer 3 different hybrid concepts:

Valmet Advantage eTAD technology
Valmet Advantage QRT technology
Valmet Advantage NTT technology

Q: How does hybrid tissue technology provide flexibility to tissue paper manufacturers?

A: Hybrid tissue technology allows manufacturers to seamlessly switch between production modes, enabling the production of various tissue grades on the same machine. This flexibility enhances the ability to meet changing market demands and optimize production based on specific requirements.

Q: What efficiency improvements can tissue mills expect from implementing Valmet's hybrid tissue technology?

A: The hybrid technology is designed for increased efficiency, incorporating features such as optimal energy utilization, improved drying performance, and enhanced control systems. This results in higher production output, reduced resource consumption, and overall operational excellence.

Q: How does the hybrid technology concepts address sustainability concerns in tissue paper production?

Valmet's hybrid tissue technology places a strong emphasis on sustainability by optimizing resource use. It includes features such as energy-saving solutions, efficient water management, fiber efficiency strategies and the ability to incorporate recycled fibers, aligning with the industry's growing focus on environmentally responsible practices.

Q: What types of tissue products can be efficiently produced using Valmet's hybrid tissue technology?

A: Valmet's hybrid tissue technology is versatile and suitable for producing a wide range of tissue products, including bath tissues, facial tissues, kitchen towels, hand towels and paper napkins. The technology's adaptability allows tissue mills to meet diverse market demands and produce high-quality products.