Extensive possibilities to develop your tissue products

Advantage ViscoNip Press

The new standard for wet pressing technology. A flexible liquid filled press body gives the Advantage™ ViscoNip® press the unique ability to adapt to the Yankee dryer shell.


Significant drying energy  savings > 20%

High press dryness


Perfect nip profiles in cross machine direction

Soft loading element, adaptive to conditions of other machine components

Many positive product and production spin-off effects; Quality and efficiency


High production capacity

Adjustable nip load for bulk increase and energy savings

A unique ability to adapt

With a great number of Advantage ViscoNip press installations operating in production machines around the world, it has become the new standard for wet pressing in conventional Dry Crepe machines. A flexible liquid filled press body gives the Advantage ViscoNip press the unique ability to adapt to the Yankee dryer shell. This makes the nip load uniform during a wide range of linear loads. The Advantage ViscoNip press is very well suited for installation in existing tissue machines independent of original make. 

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Uniform pressing conditions 

The uniformity in pressing conditions can be seen in the remarkably flat cross machine dryness profile generated which also is visible in the very even moisture profiles achieved in the parent roll. These even profiles also improve machine runnability and reduce the risk of chatter marks on the Yankee dryer.  


Product flexibility and fiber saving possibilities  

The uniform cross machine direction operates over a wide range of linear loads, which opens for extensive possibilities to develop your products.  

  • Low linear load provides highest possible bulk and softness. It also allows for fiber savings 
  • High linear load improves energy and production efficiency

Saving potentials

With the Advantage ViscoNip Press your can lower the environmental footprint in your tissue production by saving fiber, energy and reducing CO2. Contact us and we can discuss more in depth what it could mean for your mill.

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Remarkable results for rebuilds 

The patented Advantage ViscoNip technology is also an excellent option for tissue machine rebuilds, where the Yankee dryer might be limited to a nip load of 90 kN/m, which is common in many existing machines. A remarkable increase in dryness is achieved right away already at 90 kN/m compared to Suction Press Roll. 

Talk to us and we can tell you more about how a rebuild could be possible for your mill. We also have many examples of successful installations around the world to share. 

Let us help you improve your production

Replacing a traditional shoe press with the unique Valmet ViscoNip press can really make a difference to your production. Get in touch and together we can explore how to increased speed, lower your energy consumption and achieve better uniformity.

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Real-time monitor for performance and health

Valmet Industrial Internet offers a wide portfolio of applications to monitor the performance and health of your ViscoNip. Automatic alarms can be sent to the Valmet performance centeres located in different locations around the world with 24 hours remote support. For easy overview we can create customized dashboards and diagnostic applications. Reliability allows for improved maintenance planning and using the predictive technology the operators can potentially avoid production losses. 

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