New smart technology to give you even better operational reliability

Jun 30, 2021

The Valmet Airborne Dryer is built on a combination of proven solutions and new technical advances. Maximum operational reliability has been an overall goal in the development of this dryer.

Airborne dryer

“The Valmet Airborne Dryer is a dryer you can trust. It’s very dependable because it minimizes the risk of unnecessary downtime and of dust accumulation, based on technical solutions we developed in close dialogue with our customers,” says Richard Solin, product manager for Valmet's Airborne Dryers.




Richard Solin


Automation - the future is here

Valmet Airborne Dryer has a high degree of automation, to increase operational reliability and facilitate the operator's work. Sensors, camera surveillance and Valmet's Industrial Internet, a platform for digital solutions and services, (link in web version of the article) provide many benefits.


For example, air pressure in the dryer is automatically controlled and regulated, to improve runnability. Electricity consumption and the need for filter cleaning are also checked automatically, and the operator can see all relevant data on screens in the control room.


In addition, the Valmet Industrial Internet enables the operators to obtain key information directly in their smartphones, giving them mobile insight from anywhere on a user-friendly interface.


Another new automated feature is the automatic locking of the dryer's upper nozzles in the open position, which saves time and money especially on large dryers. Previously, the operator had to do the locking manually via the fan tower.


Premium quality in combination with innovative technology

The Airborne Dryer's construction and choice of materials are of the highest quality, even down to the minute detail. This provides operational reliability with very little need for maintenance and spare parts.


In addition, the dryer is equipped with technical solutions that make it even more reliable and easy to run. These include automatic tail threading to reach full speed faster, and foldable access hatches made of textile that are quick to open and close.


Reliable and safe for the operator

The dryer is not only safe in terms of production. At least as important is to guarantee the highest possible security for operators. Therefore, the dryer is equipped with a new version of the movable platform and photocell technology to monitor it. The movable platform, which is highly appreciated by operators, allows them to get much closer to the dryer than before. And while they are working, the photocells make sure the platform cannot be moved, to simplify the work process and increase safety.