Optimized fractionation process for homogenous pulp quality

The purpose of fractionation is to separate stock fibers into different fractions, long and short fiber fraction. Depending on your process requirements, each fraction can be utilized either directly for board making or forwarded to further treatment.

Valmet’s fractionation concept optimizes board making potential and enables exclusively dispersing and refining of fibers that have high strength potential. This brings energy savings and secures and homogenizes the targeted pulp quality.

Concepts for low and high consistency fractionation

The Valmet concept for low consistency fractionation provides gentle and efficient process as a result of the LC rotor foil design, narrow wedge wire slots and a profile selected to match targeted results.

In Valmet’s high-consistency concept, less water translates to a smaller equipment count, with a correspondingly lower investment cost. The HC rotor foil design ensures an efficient, long suction pulse and effective injection dilution into the reject area.

Case study: A board mill in Central Europe