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Coarse screening

  • Effective removal of plastic, glass, metal debris, gravel, and stickies
  • Gentle screening without breaking down impurities
  • Low fiber loss with controllable reject rate
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Low energy consumption due to compact screen units with inward flow and rotating baskets
  • Long basket lifetime
  • Compact machine size
  • Simple screening system
  • High-capacity units

Coarse screening

Valmet’s coarse screens are designed for all coarse screening applications in recycled fiber processing and stock preparation. Coarse screens effectively remove heavy, light, and coarse particles and contaminants from pulp, protecting subsequent process equipment from potential damage.

Vertical coarse screens are designed for up to 4 percent consistency, utilizing rotating basket technology with continuous reject removal. The rotating basket minimizes wear because the centrifugal force involved reduces contact between harmful particles and the screen basket. Valmet’s coarse screens’ optimal operating principle also yields low energy consumption.


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