White liquor handling

White-liquor filters produce clear white liquor while increasing the efficiency and availability of the pulping process.

Valmet White Liquor Disc Filter

This disc filter is a compact and fully automated unit that produces completely clear white liquor and washes the lime mud in the same machine. Very high white-liquor yield increases upstream capacity and eliminates the need for separate lime-mud washing.

White liquor - Spare parts and components

Tungsten carbide doctor blades

Valmet supplies doctorblades manufactured of tungsten carbide for all types of filters in causticising applications such as disk filters for white liquor and lime, and drum filters for lime mud and green liquor.


White liquor - Maintenance and shutdown services

RunMax - Recaust Filters

Improve availability and end-product quality via pre-maintenance audit.

Rebuild Kit OD

The newly designed one-piece center shaft features externally accessed stuffing boxes and plain bearings.

White Liquor Plant - Process survey

Put your plant’s performance and energy efficiency in focus.


White liquor - Process and automation upgrades

White liquor disc filter washing system

Cleans both the filter and the scraper system efficiently and thoroughly.

Tube Filter Extension Kit

By expanding the filter area, the white liquor filtration capacity will increase.




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