Lime mud handling

Valmet’s lime-mud dewatering system ensures good washing of the lime mud and high dry-solids content.

Lime mud storage tank

The storage tank has a top-mounted axial flow agitator with dual impellers. This agitation concept is efficient and durable, ensuring high availability.

Vacuum drum filter

This drum filter is built for high availability and low power consumption. It features No-blow design and new Squirt Mk III for simple operation and minimum maintenance. The equipment efficiently deals with remaining alkali content in the lime mud. The well-enclosed system improves the working environment.

OptiDisc™ LM filter

This vacuum disc filter is built for efficient lime-mud washing and dewatering in large capacity white-liquor plants.

Tungsten carbide doctor blades

Valmet supplies doctorblades manufactured of tungsten carbide for all types of filters in causticising applications such as disk filters for white liquor and lime, and drum filters for lime mud and green liquor.


Lime mud - Maintenance and shutdown services

Polymer Lining Kit

Preventing lime mud build-up.


Lime mud - Process and automation upgrades

Drum Precoat Renewal System

Renew the precoat on the lime mud filter during operation.




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