Cooling, slaking and causticizing

Optimum recausticizing is performed by products that provide an efficient and controlled reaction between green liquor and lime.

Slaking and causticizing are at the heart of the recausticizing plant. An efficient and controlled reaction between liquor and lime is essential to ensure optimum causticizing degree and good lime-mud filtration properties.

Cooling, slaking and causticizing

Valmet Lime Slaker

Designed to slake lime and separate grits with optimum efficiency. The equipment is equipped with a high-efficiency agitator that ensures good mixing while retaining the size of the lime particles. Efficient dust suppression is achieved by the feed cyclone and the vent scrubber. The equipment features simple operation and minimum maintenance.


The causticizers are multi-compartment tanks designed for uniform retention time and equipped with high-efficiency agitators, which treat the particles gently. The final tank is used as a pump tank for causticized slurry. The equipment features low power consumption.

Green liquor expansion cooling

This equipment enables efficient control of green liquor temperature to the slaker while avoiding scaling problems.


Recausticizing Mechanical Audit

Conducted by Valmet field service personal and will preferable be done in conjunction with shutdown but can also be done during operation.

Recausticizing Mechanical Services

Let Valmet become your service partner and take responsibility for the entire annual shutdown. With help of our causticizing service expertise the equipment performance will stay optimized and perform at its best.





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