Automation business line

In this section you can find more information on Automation business line, such as key figures, market drivers Valmet's Industrial Internet and Automation at a glance. The Automation business line was formed on April 1, 2015 as a result of the acquisition of Process Automation Systems business from Metso. Automation has been consolidated into Valmet's financials since April 1, 2015. 

The Automation business line supplies and develops automation and information management systems, applications and services. These systems include for example distributed control systems (DCS), quality management systems and analyzers, and measurements.

The Automation business line's customers are mainly companies in pulp, energy, paper and process industries. The most important geographic market is EMEA, and the second largest area in terms of net sales is North America. Almost half of the Automation business consists of service business. Approximately 10 percent of Automation's net sales is generated when automation is sold as a part of Valmet's project delivery and approximately 90 percent of the business line's net sales is generated from solutions and services directly to the customers. 

Key figures

Key figures Automation business line 2018



Market drivers

  • Investments in new pulp and paper machines and power plants
  • Ageing machines and installed automation systems
  • Demand for intelligent technology

Source: Capital Markets Day 2016


Industrial Internet

Valmet's Industrial internet applications and services are built to improve the reliability and performance of customers' processes. The Industrial Internet enabled reliability services consist of online monitoring, predictive diagnostics and data analysis to improve mill and plant efficiency, to help to plan right-timed maintenance and to prevent unplanned shutdowns. 

Valmet has established four Performance Centers that are the customer's channel to all Valmet Industrial Internet applications and services. Customers can contact the Performance Centers and get real-time support from Valmet experts and the customer's processes can also be monitored remotely. 

To provide comprehensive Industrial Internet offering to its customers, Valmet is building an Industrial Internet solution ecosystem that brings leading industry players together.  The purpose of the ecosystem is to create new value-adding applications and services to pulp, paper and energy industries. 



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Game technology in industry

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Updated; Aug 8, 2019