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In this section you can find more information on Paper business line, such as key figures and market drivers. See also descriptions of tissue and paper making processes and the Paper at a glance -video.

Paper business line supplies board, tissue and paper machinery as well as equipment and machine rebuilds for the board, tissue and paper industries. Board, tissue and paper are used in a wide variety of end uses, including packaging applications, hygiene products such as facial tissue, bathroom tissue and paper towels, and writing and printing papers. Board, tissue and paper are produced from virgin or recycled pulp. The papermaking process includes several stages in which the pulp slurry is converted into board, tissue or paper through forming, pressing and drying. In addition, a paper mill includes technology and equipment for stock preparation and paper finishing such as reeling and winding.

The lifetime of a paper machine can be several decades. In addition to new machines, there is also a market for machine rebuilds and improvements to increase production and improve end-product quality, converting an existing paper machine to produce a different paper grade or relocating a paper machine. Modern paper machines are often built to be flexible and allow for the production of various paper grades.

Paper business line's customers are mainly paper companies as well as board and tissue producers. The most important geographical markets for new board and paper machines are mainly China and Asia Pacific, and to a lesser extent, Europe and North America. In rebuild business, Europe and North America are the most important markets.

Deliveries are typically project based. Valmet typically enters into a bidding process for new projects and the project contracts are typically for a fixed amount. After the contract is signed, projects typically take between 12 and 24 months to complete. As orders for new paper machines have decreased in recent years due to reduced demand especially for printing and writing paper grades, board and tissue machines have represented a larger percentage of Valmet’s order book. There is also demand for paper machine rebuilds.

Key figures

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Market drivers

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1) Market position and estimated market size calculated as average during 2018–2020.
2) Long-term end market growth



Updated; Aug 17, 2021