What is so important about performing periodic reel maintenance?

Sep 2, 2015

Reels are a workhorse on the paper machine. They are responsible for building a quality roll of paper 24 hours a day free from defects and of such structure to run on downstream equipment with minimal yield loss.

Reels take a beating over years of production, sheet breaks, spool loading bumps, arm movements and turn-up cycles. The pneumatic or hydraulic controls need to work consistently from roll to roll. Nip loading curves need to be measured and compared to original settings.

A common analysis is performed on turn-ups, where there is the potential for missed turn-ups, bottom waste and wrinkles. Mechanically, the reel section requires periodic maintenance to keep it running the way it should. Alignment and tolerances should be checked on a periodic basis and especially if there are roll structure issues such as bottom waste, wrinkles, sheet shifting and offsets. Bushings, bearings, rails, pinions and pivot points all need to be checked for wear condition and alignment.

If reel yield loss is an issue, the first thing to do is get a mechanical checkup of all equipment. Following or in conjunction with the checkup, a process audit should be performed to verify that all reeling parameters are correct. Valmet service reps can come to your mill to conduct these types of surveys. They can also assist your mill in replacing worn parts.

For reel service, adjustment and upgrades, contact your Valmet representative.