Reel primary arm synchronization avoids bottom jumbo reel losses

Apr 17, 2018

If you suspect that you are losing excessive paper on the bottoms of your jumbo rolls, the primary arms may be the culprit. Primary arm synchronization is critical for the reel to function properly during turnup situations.

Primary arms are controlled in two different ways – quadrant gears and pinion cross-shaft or hydraulic cylinders and cross-shafts.

It is essential to lay the empty spool squarely onto the reel drum for turnup success. From turnup position, it is equally important to guide the new roll down the reel drum and onto the secondary rails, and do so without sheet breaks, wrinkles, offsets, edge cracks, etc.

Primary arm alignment is accomplished using optics alignment. Primary arm synchronization requires the arms to be timed to within as little as 0.020” side to side. If alignment needs to be adjusted, the pinion cross-shaft orientations or turn buckles on the cross-shafts are adjusted.

Valmet can assist your mill in determining the alignment condition of the entire reel. We also can provide process analysis of the primary and secondary loading pressures which can indicate where any turnup issues and paper losses are created.

Contact your Valmet representative for more information.