Flow control partner spotlight: Troya Proses

Sep 21, 2023

Channel partners provide a valuable network to support our flow control customers all over the world. Our Valmet channel partner community has ~300 certified members in over 65 countries, either complementing our presence or then as the sole representatives for our different flow control product brands in the market. This time, we interviewed our partner Troya Proses from Turkey.

Team Troya Proses

Could you describe your company in one sentence? 

With its quarter-century of expertise, Troya Proses provides high-quality machinery and equipment to the various industry sectors in Turkey, especially in the mining, chemistry, energy, food and environmental industries.

Can you tell us briefly about your history of cooperation with Valmet?

We can say that this journey started about 15 years ago, when we represented a company called Tamfelt and their filter fabrics. First, Tamfelt became a part of Metso and then demerged and continued under the name of Valmet, and so we then officially started working with Valmet. About 15 years ago, we were also introduced to the Flowrox™ products*, now a product brand of Valmet’s flow control business line. As our relations became stronger, the Turkish mining industry became familiar with Flowrox products.

Can you give us an example of how you have helped your customers achieve their goals?

One of our customers is a mineral processing and extractive metallurgical company serving the international mining community. Their services include the engineering of mineral processing and hydrometallurgical engineering equipment fabrication and systems. They have worked on numerous projects in the mineral processing and gold recovery industry. They have accumulated experience in the mining industry, specifically in process design, engineering (civil, structural, electrical and instrumentation), and equipment design and system supply. 

We have been their solution partner in various projects for many years. Recently, we helped them find a reliable solution for controlling their dart valves, used in an important part of their mineral processing process.

What was the original challenge they had? Why did they end up choosing Valmet’s flow control solutions? 

Our customer was looking for a reliable solution to control their dart valves in some of their demanding projects. So we introduced Valmet’s Neles™ valve controllers to them. Afterwards, the Neles™ ND9000 series electropneumatic valve positioner attracted a lot of attention, and we succeeded in selling 200 digital positioners. 

What were the results?

We also visited Valmet’s service center for flow control in Söke, Turkey, with the customer. The idea of the visit was to provide a connection between two products. Our customer came with two Neles ND9000 series valve controllers and one temposonic  sensor that they supplied. Thanks to Valmet’s flow control expert team in Turkey, we found a suitable adapter option. With this adapter, an electrical input was provided, and it was thus possible to create a connection between the sensor and the positioner. The customer then wanted to see if it was really able to work in the real-life application as well. 

Later, the necessary connection with this product was provided, and control of the dart valves was successfully achieved with the intelligent Neles ND9000 valve controller. 

How would you describe the collaboration between you and Valmet? 

At Troya Proses, we have known Valmet’s products with their superior technical features for many years. We have seen positive feedback at close hand from our customers who use these heavy-duty products and filter fabrics. Our belief in these products has therefore enabled us to promote them without hesitation in suitable challenging conditions. In addition, we always feel Valmet’s experts are on our side. For this reason, being a partner of this family has always made us feel strong.

Anything else you want to highlight?

Although we were only recently introduced to Neles™ products, we are excited to see them growing with the same confidence and strength as the more familiar Flowrox™ products in the competitive Turkish mining industry.

At the time we were also representing a company called Larox Flowsys that after some changes became Flowrox. The valve and pump business of Flowrox was acquired by Neles, then Neles merged with Valmet – and thus we became a channel partner of Valmet's flow control business.


Although we were only recently introduced to Neles™ products, we are excited to see them growing with the same confidence and strength as the more familiar Flowrox™ products in the competitive Turkish mining industry.
Hande Atilkan, Troya Proses