New Valmet Slitter Holder Quick Change

Increased safety

Valmet’s Valmet Slitter Holder Quick Change, introduced in November 2008, has been improved and is now completely encased. The casing helps guard against dangerous situations such as the top blade coming loose during operation. Encasing is done such that there is no need to open the cover during normal operation. The top blade is shielded to protect operators’ fingers during web threading.

Optimal cutting quality - Valmet Slitter Holder Quick Change

A mechanical brake stops the rotation of the top blade when the blade is not at its cutting position. This brake also makes blade changes easier.

Optimal cutting quality

The stepless depth and shear angle adjustments of the new top slitter holder help produce a high-quality cut with ease.

Optimal slitting conditions ensure consistently excellent slitting results. This serves to extend slitter blade lifetimes and blade change intervals, and improves slitting performance. More effective winder operation, in turn, improves the productivity of the entire paper line.

Easy to use

The top slitter holder is equipped with easy to use pushbutton valves. All control functions are marked with easy to understand symbols. No specialized tools are required to remove the top blade lock ring. Only one normal Allen key is required.

Reduced maintenance needs

A totally new design for controlling sequencing of the top blade to cutting positions avoids “jumps” onto the bottom band. The top blade has to move completely down before sideways movement is permitted. This removes the possibility of sequencing errors.


  • QuickChange Slitter HoldersIncreased safety
  • Easy to use
  • Reduced maintenance needs
  • Adjustable shear angle -optimal slitting process

For more information about the safest slitter holder available for your production line, contact your Valmet representative.