Our spare parts offering

Parts from the Original Equipment Manufacturer 

  • High quality parts with latest technology from Valmet and it’s various 
  • Upgraded substitute parts and retrofits
  • Technical support and maintenance
  • Shutdown planning support services

Close to you  

  • We speak your language in over 70 service centers in 20 countries
  • Global logistics network with warehouses in all major continents

Convenient shopping that solves your daily parts needs

  • One-stop shop; we supply all the parts for all your needs
  • Cooperation with your material management for inventory optimization
  • Easy parts identification, selection and ordering process through digital solutions – Valmet eStore

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Spare parts for pulp production



     Spare parts for pulp processes

           Wood handling

           Pulp drying

           White liquor plant

           Mechanical pulping

           Chemical recovery

           Cooking and fiberline




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OEM reliability conveniently. Valmet spare parts.