Jyväskylä Foundry

Jyväskylä Foundry is capable of producing the largest by weight and size iron casts in Finland, max. weight of casting being up to 100 000 kg. Foundry operates with high-quality iron grades (grey and nodular iron) and the first casting took place in 1948. Competencies include paper machinery components as well as other non-related industry applications. The foundry's annual technical production capacity is c. 25.000 tons.

Foundry has two production lines and melting shop: 
1.Floor moulding with self-hardening sand moulding (furan sand, ferritic spheroidal graphite cast irons) for demanding heavy weight castings 
2. Pit moulding / mould on end using cement moulding / furan sand moulding for shafts, cylinders and roll shells.