Precise valve control for food and beverage

Valve solutions solutions for food and beverage

Sanitary conditions and even production quality have always been key factors in the food and beverage industry. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace companies are facing increasing pressure to maintain quality while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. This is where products like our valve controllers such as Axiom™, Eclipse™ and Prism™ can help you gain a competitive edge while meeting safety regulations.

Small device. Big performance.

The Axiom, Prism and Eclipse products are all rich with features and designed to meet the industry’s increasing need for smaller, lighter and more durable products. At the same time, these small sensors can increase reliability and position measurement precision. The solid state continuous sensors used by the Axiom and Prism platforms enable more sophisticated valve diagnostics, reducing maintenance costs over the valve solutions entire life cycle.

Neles Axiom AN advanced on/off valve controller Eclipse compact and modular limit switch

Time is money

Easy and fast installation is the first place your valve controllers can start saving you money. In most cases, our solutions require less cabling and tubing, and are designed to be directly mounted onto virtually any spring return or double acting actuator, regardless of make, model or manufacturer. Compared to conventional options, pairing our products with a AS-interface protocol system can save up to 30% overall, with the savings mostly coming from conduit and wiring. Simple and smart design also means faster installation times, which again saves valuable time and money.

Simple and smart design also means faster installation times, which again saves valuable time and money.

Installation cost comparison

Remote access

Reducing physical human presence in production facilities is a matter of both personnel safety and hygiene. Wireless remote solutions such as our Wireless Link utilizing Bluetooth® technology. This allows you to set the sensors remotely on an iPhone or iPad from as far as 50 meters away. Remote monitoring allows you to follow critical parameters, plan predictive maintenance and avoid expensive unplanned downtime.

Universal solution

Our valve controller solutions are designed, engineered, tested and manufactured to deliver universal, high-quality performance in all food and beverage processes and applications. They also work in perfect unison with both Neles and third-party valves and actuators. Find out how you could get the most out of our valve controllers in your process.

The text has been updated in April 2022, due to the company name change to Valmet.

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