The knowledge-sharing advantage of strong OEM partnerships

Nov 15, 2022

The knowledge-sharing advantage of creating strong OEM partnerships

For many years, professionals have been warned of a forthcoming sea change caused by a dramatic shift in the demographics of the workplace. Managing the loss of expert insight and the need for succession planning is a challenge facing many manufacturers today, particularly those in the pulp and paper industries. A lasting partnership with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) can offer a unique set of insights, resources and solutions to help mill personnel overcome challenges caused by the ever-changing workforce.

Optimize performance through agreements

Partnership involves trust and information sharing. When mills form an agreement with Valmet, they unlock a network of information about their systems, service and parts histories. Valmet collects operational data from mills to create customized plans that leverage OEM recommendations for optimizing performance. Flexible service agreements can add peace-of-mind by allotting pre-set hours for in-person or remote field service.

Monitor data in real time with Industrial Internet and connect the dots via Automation services

Many technology suppliers exist today, but few have detailed knowledge of the actual machines installed in mills. Valmet’s OEM database covers all products involved in pulping, stock preparation, paper making and finishing. At Valmet Performance Centers, expert teams monitor fiber quality and other paper machine data, from the headbox to the winder, and receive real-time alerts identifying anomalies and potential failures. Taking it a step further, Valmet’s Automation services provide the maintenance, technical support, automation lifecycle management and cyber security needed to provide mills with better, more actionable data to keep production up and running.

Learn new skills with product and process training

Pulp and paper producers are challenging their team members to build, enhance or re-establish their foundational process and technical equipment knowledge. With engineering, equipment and operations and maintenance information at its fingertips, the OEM supplier is well-positioned to participate in knowledge sharing. Valmet embraces this responsibility through partnerships and programs that involve internships, digital learning, remote or on-site training and events. For example, Valmet maintenance schools and user groups offer comprehensive training, along with deep dive discussions into the lifecycle of critical OEM equipment. Also, Valmet webinars offer a quick, easy way to learn about new technology, understand best practices and encourage discussion about equipment.

Valmet is the OEM partner mills trust to keep operations up and running. For more information or to download our OEM Guidebook for Mill Operators, visit