A Service Agreement is a joint commitment for a shared journey

Jan 31, 2017

Valmet's experts have decades of experience from working with customers around the world. One way to benefit of their experience and getting them as part of your team is through Service Agreements. Whether it’s about spare parts or optimizing the whole process, our professionals are committed to serving our customers.

A Service Agreement is always negotiated individually between Valmet and the customer – they are tailored to meet customers' needs. Agreements may cover small parts of customer's business or they might target at improving customer's processes or overall performance and reliability. Solutions offered are based on the widest process technology, services and automation offering. The scope of the agreement might be big or small, but the goal is always set to continuous improvement.

People building the trust

A Service Agreement is based on aligned way of working together for shared goals.

- Success is always made by people. Our target is to keep up constant dialogue and build durable relationships with our agreement partners. We are committed to our customers' goals and always put in the extra effort in order to succeed, says Petri Lakka, Vice President, Concept Development, Services Business Line at Valmet.

By signing an agreement with Valmet the customer benefits in many ways. Valmet's experts work as part of customer's team – or are available through over 120 service centers and remotely. Online services guarantee assistance 24/7 if needed.

- We have worked for decades to solve our customers' challenges and our experts have built up vast knowledge throughout the years. We aim at effective execution and fast decision making, which means savings in time and money. When our experienced professionals join forces with customers' experts, it often leads to joint innovations, too, Lakka continues.  

Performance Agreement guarantees peace of mind

One of Valmet’s agreement types is called Performance Agreement. It is a step-by-step improvement program designed to improve and maintain the customer’s competitiveness and profitability throughout the operations.

- At Valmet, we have the expertise and technology to understand customers' production-specific processes. Our experienced and skilled people support the customer all the way as agreed. Typically a Performance Agreement aims at, for example, availability and productivity improvements, energy savings and financial development. Agreements are always tailor-made and tied to customer's key performance indicators. An agreement with us gives our customer peace-of-mind because it becomes our interest to move our customer's performance forward, explains Toni Mäcklin, Global Sales Manager, Service Agreements at Valmet.