Valmet is part of the Responsible summer job 2015 campaign in Finland

Jul 2, 2015

Valmet is one of over 260 Finnish companies committed to the principles of the Responsible summer job 2015 campaign coordinated by the Economic Information Office (Taloudellinen tiedotustoimisto, TAT).

The target of the ”Responsible summer job” campaign is to challenge companies to increase the amount and quality of summer jobs offered. Summer jobs are often the first experience of working life and offer an important opportunity for learning and development.

Valmet offers summer trainee positions for over 350 people in Finland. The trainee positions are targeted for students who do not yet work full time. Valmet wants to promote responsible practices to ensure the traineeships are safe and fair, and give meaningful opportunities for the trainees.

Valmet is committed to the Responsible summer job 2015 principles

Valmet is together with other companies committed to the Responsible summer job 2015 principles for good employment.

Principle 1: Good candidate experience - For Valmet it’s important to offer young people a good experience from applying for a job and for its part encourage young people to apply to jobs. Valmet summer jobs are open for application on the website. All applicants have received an answer to their application.

Principle 2. Meaningful work - Valmet offers meaningful and suitable tasks for the 350 summer employees this year in Finland. Around half of the trainees will be positioned in operational tasks such as manufacturing and field services. The other half will work with tasks related to R&D, engineering, sales and logistics. Duties, responsibilities, rights and expectations are clearly set out.

Principle 3. Induction and training - Valmet’s goal is to secure a safe and accident free working environment for all employees. Safety at work and good induction to work is in focus also for the summer trainees. A specific person is given the responsibility for the induction of summer employees. Also the possibility to give feedback is emphasized.

Principle 4. Justice and equality - At Valmet all summer trainees are treated in a fair and just manner. Summer trainees are fully accepted as part of the work community and are treated equally with other employees.

Principle 5. Fair wages - Salary and other benefits are agreed in a written contract between Valmet and the summer trainee.

Principle 6. A written contract and a certificate of employment - Valmet always signs a written contract with the summer employee. At the end of the employment the summer worker receives an appropriate certificate of employment.

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