Process Automation Systems business in brief

Jan 15, 2015

Valmet Corporation and Metso Corporation have signed an agreement on the sale of Metso’s Process Automation Systems business to Valmet on January 15, 2015.

Process Automation Systems business (PAS) is a high-class, respected automation supplier for the pulp, paper and energy industries, as well as other process industries. The business of PAS is stable and its profitability is at a good level. PAS has been a successful business in all aspects.

Product offering
PAS concentrates on process automation and data management systems, related applications and services. Their main products are quality control systems (QCS) and distributed control systems (DCS), profilers, analyzers and measurements, solutions based on machine vision, and process improvement solutions. The combination of Valmet’s current product and services offering and process automation will create a unique offering for customers.

Customer industries
The main customer industries of PAS are the same as Valmet’s: the pulp, paper and energy industries. Additionally approximately 20 percent of its net sales come from customers in other process industries, such as Akzo Nobel and Borealis.

PAS’s market position is strong, and in the pulp and paper industries it’s the leading process automation supplier. Its competition varies by product area. The competitiveness of PAS is based on its extensive automation offering, know-how in customer technologies and processes, close cooperation with Valmet and presence close to customers.

PAS is a leading and established player in the industry, with strong, long-term customer relationships. PAS has significant own special expertise and know-how that are impossible to copy, and it would be hard for competitors to enter the market. 

Financial performance
PAS business is stable and profitable. In 2013 it had a net sales of approximately EUR 300 million. Some 55 percent of its net sales comes from project business and the rest, 45 percent, from services. The largest market area is EMEA (57% of net sales). The other areas’ shares of net sales are: North America 19%, China 10%, Asia Pacific 8% and South America 5%.

Personnel and global presence
PAS employs some 1,600 people in 31 countries, and they are known as top professionals strongly committed to improving on their customers’ success. Half of the personnel work in various parts of the world and half in Finland. The main locations are in Tampere, Kajaani, Atlanta and Shanghai.