Paper Machine Reel Quality Monitoring

Valmet DNA Paper Reel Quality Monitoring

Valmet DNA Paper Reel Quality Monitoring (DNA Reel Monitoring) is designed for monitoring, reporting and analyzing paper production, process and quality data – a solution of the Valmet DNA product family.

For operational excellence in paper production


With the help of DNA Reel Monitoring, operators receive, see, use, present and share quality information from online and offline paper reel quality measurements. Users can share the same quality monitoring pictures and reports on the DNA Operate user interface in the control room and on PC workstations in the office.


  • Improving production and quality efficiency by providing paper web sheet quality information visualized with an easy-to-use, online graphic user interface for operators and mill management
  • Cost savings and maximizing sellable products with accurate continuous quality monitoring of produced machine reels
  • Improving awareness of actual consumption of pulp, chemicals and energy used for the production of different paper grades
  • Better customer satisfaction assurance with collaborative quality tracking from machine reel to customer rolls and back to the process
  • Cost-effective, scalable solution based on modern technology

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