Customer case:

Deriving optimum hydrochloric acid from the biological waste gas treatment

Krems Chemie Chemical Services AG, a chemical company in the Wachau valley, Austria manufacturers halogen-free flame retardants and intermediates for a diverse range of applications. The Valmet Concentration Measurement units are installed in the biological waste gas treatment plant.

Location Wachau valley, Austria
Customer challenge Krems Chemie upgraded and expanded their production facilities for fireproofing materials. Halogene-free flame retardants are produced by reaction between phosphorus trichloride and orthophenyl phenol with zinc chloride as catalyst. Beside the halogene-free flame retardants, hydrochloric acid is produced as waste gas. Gaseous hydrochloric acid as a by-product in the process is derived by biological treatment of the waste gas.

In order to measure and control the gas scrubber, two Series 3300 Valmet Concentration Measurements units were installed to show the exact Hydrochloric acid in %.


The unique corrosion resistant sensors perform high accuracy measurements based on the 4-electrode measuring principle, and the design provides for high
durability with a minimum maintenance even in
harsh environments.

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Inline concentration measurements

Maintenance-free in-line concentration measurement for corrosive liquids in the chemical industry, mainly covering strong acids as well as bases and salts.